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General Questions

BalanceNG and Balance are both from the same company. Besides of that there’s no further relationship between Balance and BalanceNG. BalanceNG is a complete Layer2/Ethernet based load balancer for Linux, whereas Balance is a TCP only proxy tool with load balancing capabilities. BalanceNG and Balance do not share code since the design approaches differ substantially. Anyway, the Balance project will be continued as before (see

No, we don’t offer our own Web GUI and we would like to keep it like that. However, we encourage and support interested users and partners to build their own. Just contact us to get some helpful recommendations and hints.

  • BalanceNG is available for multiple different operating system platforms.
  • BalanceNG uses industry standard VRRP protocols to establish HA.
  • BalanceNG offers the bngagent feedback based load balancing, LVS needs an additional addon component to be configured (feedbackd).
  • BalanceNG installation and setup is reported to be much easier and quicker.
  • There’s no Linux kernel patching or kernel rebuilding necessary, which saves a lot of time and trouble.

The ECCN of BalanceNG is “EAR99/NLR” (“No License Required”).

This remains also true for BalanceNG V5 and higher, since BalanceNG cryptographic library calls are always loaded dynamically from the operating system libraries.

We recommend to setup a DSR configuration (direct server return), there are two setup examples available: Direct Server Return Example (Single Legged) and the HA setup example Direct Server Return Example with Two Single Legged Nodes and VRRP-HA .

Technical Questions

Have a look at this knowledge base article: How to deal with ARP-Problems on Linux

Have a look at this knowledge base article: How to enable the loopback adapter on Windows 2008

Have a look at this knowledge base article: How to setup the loopback alias for DSR on Windows

Have a look at this knowledge base article: How to setup wget as an external HTTP health check

Please have a look at this knowledge base article: How to switch off “failed to write JUMBO frame” warnings .

Please see this knowledge base article: How to upgrade the IPv4 and IPv6 location databases

There’s a bngagent implementation available as a customer contribution (without warranty and support), take a look into the “contrib” directory of the distribution. It’s called “BngAgentService” and implements a Windows Service which integrates into the Windows operating system. It is implemented in Delphi 7 (Object Pascal), source code is also provided.

Have a look at this knowledge base article: Important VMware Settings for BalanceNG

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