BalanceNG is a multithreading software load balancer for Linux operating systems.

Key features are its outstanding packet processing performance, its proven stability and its easy integrability in datacenter networks and OEM product lines which make it the perfect choice for network operators, hosting companies and Telco product designers.

Its internal IP stack is highly optimised for load balancing and high availability (and nothing else) – instantly getting you free from any common OS boundaries.

Article: How to build your own 10GbE Load Balancer


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EtherTunnel - an Ethernet LAN-to-LAN VPN Tunnel

EtherTunnel is an "almost zero" configuration LAN-to-LAN VPN solution for Linux. It connects Ethernet LANs / broadcast domains transparently through an optionally ChaCha20-HMAC-SHA256 secured UDP tunnel over IPv4/IPv6. The common Ethernet MTU 1500 stays as it is, this is achieved by its custom UDP fragmentation/reassembly which outperforms the standard generalized IP fragmentation.


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AXPad - Authenticated Crosspad Utilities

The AXPad Utilities are a collection of security tools utilizing the AXPad (Authenticated Crosspad) cryptographic method which operates on systematically expanded true random data.


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XOR Hash Algorithm - Reference Implementation

XHA (XOR Hash Algorithm) is an independent cryptographic hash function with two identities and digest lengths, XHA256 and XHA512.


Inlab Scheme is an implementation of the algorithmic language Scheme with several extensions.

Inlab Scheme is R4RS compliant.


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Balance is our well known open source load balancing solution being a simple but powerful generic tcp proxy with round robin load balancing and failover capabilities.

Its behaviour can be easily controlled at runtime using a simple command line syntax.

Balance release branch 4 has been forked based on Balance 3.34, release 3.57 has been set to deprecated.


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