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Commercial Load-Balancing Hardware (Appliances) and Software

This list is organized as follows (alphabetically sorted by company name):

Company Name
Company URL
Product Name
Product URL
Product Datasheet URL (if available)

A10 Networks, Inc.

Array Networks, Inc.

APV Series Application Delivery Controllers

AVX Series Virtualized Appliances

Barracuda Networks
Barracuda Load Balancer

Coyote Point Systems, Inc.
Equalizer Product Family

F5 Networks, Inc.
BIG-IP Product Family

Inlab Networks GmbH

KEMP Technologies, Inc.
LoadMaster Product Family Ltd.
ENTERPRISE Product Family

NLB (Network Load Balancing)

Pantera Communications GmbH & Co. KG
PANTERA PLB Load Balancer Family

Radware Ltd.

Zeus Technology Ltd.
Zeus Load Balancer