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RBridge 8.201, Release-Date: March 16, 2019

RBridge Release 8.201
RPM package for RHEL and CentOS (64Bit)

RBridge-8.201-1.x86_64.rpm ( 39K )
MD5: f9a4670eb68e3809c525ddde74ebb4d9
RBridge Release 8.201
Debian/Ubuntu dpkg Package for Linux amd64 and x86-64

balanceng_8.201_amd64.deb ( 54K )
MD5: cfb4f094b3a09508c32a18e3a9d4aaf5
RBridge Release 8.201
Debian (Raspbian) dpkg Package for Raspberry Pi

rbridge_8.201_armhf.deb ( 50K )
MD5: 5587be5289eac3ef2c13b023c9a57498
RBridge Release 8.201
Generic Linux tarball distribution for Linux amd64 and x86-64

RBridge-8.201.tar.gz ( 61K )
MD5: 0dca13a9523efedc13f4d4152fc30bf5
RBridge Release 8.201
macOS installation package 10.14 (Mojave)

RBridge-8.201-macOS.pkg (146K)
MD5: e03f9db8b6b66025e71070a72323c050

Release History:

RBridge 8.201: March 16, 2019

  • A minor typo has been fixed.
  • The configuration example in /opt/RBridge has been updated.

RBridge 8.200: March 15, 2019

  • Initial “relaunch” release.