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What is RBridge ?

RBridge is a site-to-site Layer 2 VPN solution. It allows you to securely connect two distinct Ethernet LANs just as you would plug a very long network cable over the distance, from one switch to the other.

The underlying DASP protocol easily traverses NAT devices like typical DSL routers securely (optionally with the initial help of RBridge running as a DASP registry).

Authentication and encryption are implemented with SHA-2 and AES-256. Operating with true random AES key material makes it the most secure Layer 2 site-to-site VPN solution available on the market (we use and highly recommend the Quantis Quantum Effect True Random Number Generator).

RBridge uses per default its own protocol level packet fragmentation and reassembly mechanism. This avoids any problems commonly occurring with standard UDP fragmentation (like flawed device implementations and firewalls blocking UDP fragments).

RBridge deployment is almost “plug and play”, just a few parameters need to be set to establish an encrypted Layer 2 site-to-site Ethernet link.

RBridge comes with a 30 day trial license.

What is it good for ?

Typical application examples are:

  • connecting a remote or home office LAN to the main company network
  • accessing datacenter networks for remote administration (permanently or on demand)
  • moving datacenter machines physically (and the network afterwards)
  • physically distributing target servers in load-balanced HA setups
  • implementing Layer 3 DSR for BalanceNG load balancing
  • transport of other Ethernet protocols that are otherwise not routable over IP

Which operating systems are supported ?

RBridge is available for the following operating systems:

  • RHEL 6+7
  • CentOS 6+7
  • macOS 10.14
  • Debian on Raspberry Pi (Raspbian)

Additionally, a generic “tarball” distribution allows installation on any other x86_64 Linux distribution.

How to get started

For getting started quickly with RBridge, this is the way to go: RBridge Quickstart.

The overview of all RBridge Online Manual chapters is here: RBridge Online Manual.